Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mom and Dad

Today is a very emotional day for me.  Not just for me, but for my siblings as well.  It has been 4 years since mom died.  I can't believe it has already been that long.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of both of my parents.  I often ask "why".  Why did they have to die at such young ages?  I miss calling home just to hear their voices.  

I miss mom driving up in the driveway and seeing her sit in the car and talk to herself.  I miss mom's laugh.  I miss her limp. (the grandkids didn't know her without having a limp)  I miss her coffee cake.  (she made the best coffee cake)  I miss her late night talks.  I miss playing "nerts" with her.  I miss seeing her lead the music.  She was great.  I miss all the "projects" she had going on at her house.  (I think I took after her too much that way)  I miss her never ending service she was giving to someone.  I miss my mom.

I miss dad coming home from work and walking through the side door.  I miss that smell of diesel mixed with the hand soap from his work.  I miss hearing him singing.  I miss hearing him talking in Spanish.  I miss watching "The Man From Snowy River" with him and dreaming of a day when we could go to Australia.  I miss hearing his old truck drve up in the driveway.  I miss his smile.  I miss my dad.

I hope they are both smiling down at us.  I hope we are not disappointing them in our decisions.  I hope that one day my children will be able to understand fully what wonderful people they were.  I hope they are celebrating this anniversary of their reunion together.  I look forward to the day that we will see them again and smile in the thought that Families Are Forever.

These bags were made for the Relay For Life event here in Sierra Vista, Arizona.  This was my way of paying tribute to them at this year's event.


Robin said...

I can't imagine two parents being prouder of their children. YOu guys are all amazing. You take after them!

I miss your Dad calling me "boy" and "Red Robinhood". I loved feeling like part of the family. They gave a lot to everyone.

I miss your Mom making me feel good! She had a knack for that.

Alisha-aka skeezie said...

I totally bought the man from snowy river yesterday.....and watched it today. Eric was a little 'irritated' i think at me speaking most of the lines. I tried to tell him the meaning of that movie....but you just don't get it if you're not in our family. right?

Robin is right. Dad always did make others feel like part of the family. giving them nicknames, etc. good post!

EmmaP said...

i didnt realize that both your parents were gone. that has got to be hard some days. i love your memories. i dont get to live near my parents and i often think of those types of things... i can relate to the diesel-hand soap smell...i've always loved that smell. you've made me more grateful for my family. thanks.

Cindy said...

I loved coming to your house, your MOM & DAD were always so good to me. Your DAD baptized me & your MOM was such a good example to me. I know they are looking down on their children smiling =)