Monday, August 18, 2008

Hiking at South Fork

We spent a few days in Eagar last April for my niece's baptism. While there, we took the kids on a hike at a place near Eagar called South Fork. The kids had fun and it made me miss the White Mountains even more. It sure is beautiful up there. I hope we have many more years of being able to go up there.


Kel said...

what a crew you have there marnie! life must be insane, but fun!!
they are so cute and getting so big. how old is korey now?

Robin said...

Marnie, Thanks for blogging me. It was fun to hear from you. Love your sight. I haven't seen you and the kids in forever. Glad I could check it out. Maybe we can pressure Leisel into it.

susan g said...

Hey Marnie!

Found your blog just looking through other people's blog buddies! Your family is so cute. I just had a little girl (finally!) a month ago. Amy had her 6th (a boy) back in June! Hope all is well with you guys. Oh, btw, we live in Mesa now, finally got away from Hawaii!

--Susan (Ellsworth) Green