Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Beautiful White Mountains

What a beautiful sight. The White Mountains will always be home to me even if I don't live there anymore.

This is our 3rd year to go up to Sunrise Ski Resort in October and get free season passes for the kids. All the kids except Korey got passes this year. We are able to use them all season. It was cold this weekend. We had strong winds and heavy rain. We waited for a break in the rain to ride the lift to the top of the mountain and back. I wanted to take a camera and take pictures of the breathtaking views on the way down the mountain. However, due to the rain, I decided I had better leave the camera in the car to be safe.

Can't wait to get back up to Sunrise to go skiing this year. The kids are looking forward to it.


Robin said...

I understand how you feel about the mountains. I miss the Fall colors the most. I don't ever want to live there, but I do love to go home once in a while. It's nice you are close enough. The kids are getting so big and adorable. How many do you have in school this year?

prRiggs said...

That does look gorgeous--you'll have to enjoy the mountains for us, we miss them, especially the fall colors.

Brigitte said...

Those pictures are amazing. Love it-