Saturday, January 3, 2009

Enjoying the Snow

We spent a week after Christmas up in Eagar.  There wasn't a lot of snow in town, but plenty of snow in the mountains.  While sledding the kids got cold but didn't want to leave.   Korey and Kaulin were our little dare devils.  They had no fear.  Kaulin was hit a few times by other people coming down the hill and he did a few flips through the air.  Each time he would get back up and go right back up the hill.  I just had to remind him to walk up the hill on the side where other people aren't coming down.  He does have a few battle wounds to show for the good time he had.  Korey loved going down on the plastic sleds/saucers because he would just fall through the middle hole in the tubes.  He was happy to follow any stranger up the hill, ride down with them and then say "hey friend, let's go again".  What fun!


Kara said...

Love your posts! Keep them coming ... I know around our house it's sometimes hard to find something interesting to blog about. But seems there's enough odds and ends happenings to keep the blog moving. Thanks for sharing with us!