Monday, February 2, 2009

Skiing at Sunrise

We took the three oldest kids up to Sunrise for the weekend to ski.  Kameron was able to take his friend, Bryant.  They had a great time skiing by themselves.  Tom and I spent all morning working one on one with Kaulin and Ali on the bunny hill.  By about 11:30 am we were all tired and hungry so we stopped to grab some lunch.  When we got back on the slopes, Kaulin and Ali seemed to catch right on.  In no time they were able to turn and snowplow without our help.  We then spent a few hours in the afternoon taking them up to the next level, Fairway, and skiing down.  They really liked that.  (Ali didn't like when I pulled her down with me when getting off of the ski lift.  She decided she didn't want to go with me anymore.)  This makes three kids that now know how to ski.  Only two more to go.  


prRiggs said...

So if we need lessons someday, we'll know who to ask, right?